Fifth Element Gallery and Tattoo Studio is about putting dreams into action...

One of those dreams is simply to create art and inspire others to do the same.  

We believe that creativity (the act of producing art) is the finest of all human attributes -- period.  

We believe that art is what makes the world go around, and not money, but we also think the two can be brought together, in a pleasant, non-exploitive atmosphere, where the bottom line has more to do with happiness and self-fullfillment than making someone else money while you struggle to eat and pay the bills.

This is where another dream comes into action -- to run a different kind of business, on our own terms, where happiness and self-fullfillment are, indeed, the bottom line...


Fifth Element is the culmination of Nicholas Wicked Mandelkow's dream -- creating art and inspiring others to do the same. A combination art gallery and custom tattoo studio, Fifth Element provides non-traditional artists with a place to showcase their work. The gallery also features a store front, for originally designed clothing and other unique items, and is a great place for gatherings of any sort.

Whether you're a collector of unique original art, designs, or ink... Whether you're hosting a private art showing, or looking for a vibrant place for your yoga class to meet... 

Fifth Element works with you, to help you be your creative best!